GR’s newest client WITLOFT launches a limited-edition women’s apron for Christmas

We are excited to announce the latest client to the GR portfolio, WITLOFT. Over the past three years WITLOFT has become known for its leather aprons that have been worn and loved by the world’s most credible chefs and primetime TV household names.  Jamie Oliver, The Hairy Bikers, Gennaro Contaldo and Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown have all been spotted in the aprons as well as a range of influential baristas, barbers and grill masters.

WITLOFT was launched in 2014 by cooking enthusiast, Frank Abbenhuis in his garden shed in Amsterdam. He was looking for a beautiful, durable apron and realised what he wanted didn’t exist. He learnt all he could about leather design and created a prototype to protect himself and his clothes in a durable fashion. As soon as he put on and started to use his prototype, he recognised what the potential it could have. Abbenhuis got straight back to work, designing, fine-tuning and producing the range of WITLOFT products that are available today.

This Christmas they are also launching a limited edition golden apron exclusively for women – the perfect Christmas gift for any chef of the house, or budding baker!