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“I called the Queen ‘girl’ because… you forget”

Legendary portrait and fashion photographer, David Bailey will be joining us at The Photography Show’s Super Stage on Saturday 19th March; he’ll be discussing his unparalleled career in the fashion and photographic industry with Sandy Nairne to an audience of pros and amateurs alike. Speaking to The Telegraph’s Mick Brown ahead of his Super Stage appearance, Bailey divulges his thoughts on the peak of his career in the Swinging Sixties and his life photographing some of the world’s greatest stars. This doesn’t give Bailey any delusions of grandeur, he tells Brown: “I can relate to everybody. I can go up to somebody in the street and within 10 minutes know their whole  life, and they’ll want to come to the studio and have their picture taken”. The photographer will be speaking to a small audience at Birmingham’s NEC in a rare live interview covering all topics from photographing for Vogue back in the sixties to his most recent projects.

For Bailey’s insight on Salvador Dali, photographing everyone from the Krays to the Queen and his personal life not behind the lens see the article below:



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